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A Thai Lantern Funeral for my Grandma

EACH FALL THAILAND celebrates Yi Peng, the iconic floating lanterns festival held on the first full moon in the second month according to the Lanna lunar calendar. Last year I watched the sky light up with masses of Lanna-style khom loi lanterns, each carrying a wish, a plea for good luck, or a farewell to old habits...


8 of the Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Old City in Chiang Mai has some of the tastiest and most diverse foods in the world. Though we only spent three months in Thailand, I have a pretty good idea of what the options are. It is hard to go wrong in Chiang Mai, but on average eating Thai...


World’s Largest 3D Museum

It took us over a month to discover this gem in Chiang Mai, but I’m happy we did. Art in Paradise, the world’s largest 3D art museum, has been one of the best attractions in Thailand and one of our favorites so far on our round the world trip. Art in Paradise hosts...