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14 Ways Traveling the World Ruined My Life

1. I now hate donuts. When I got home and bit into a gooey cream-filled donut my taste buds inexplicably revolted. Three years ago in Turkey I shocked my friend by confessing I didn’t eat vegetables, but now I find myself ditching ice cream, Ritz crackers, canned spaghetti sauce, and...


27 Things to Do Before I’m 27

IT’S GOING TO BE hard to top last year’s birthday goals. I’ve planned on traveling the world for some time, and I got to live that dream for most of my 26th year. But now what? Luckily the world is a big place, but this year my goals are quieter and...


The Camino de Santiago: Here we go!

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be walking for a month with nothing but this small bag, this not-so-small hat, a husband in tow, and the road. Why? Because tomorrow I will be a pilgrim on the 1,000 year-old Camino de Santiago walking from France to Spain (about 500 miles/800 kilometers). You won’t...