29 Things to do Before 29

Photo credit: Rachael Cerrotti http://www.rachaelcerrotti.com/

Some of these tiny goals may seem silly (don’t worry—I have some big, less measurable goals I’m working on). But year after year I enjoy reflecting on the prior year and the fun times had. So here goes another round!

  1. Apply to MFA programs
  2. Get into an MFA program
  3. Start an MFA program
  4. Maintain a daily writing routine
  5. Have 450 total ‘read books on Goodreads
  6. Read Infinite Jest
  7. Go to the top of the Prudential Tower in Boston
  8. Go on a trip to either Wales, Ireland, Scotland, or ALL
  9. Revive my jotting notebook routine
  10. Go on a silent retreat (self-directed is fine)
  11. Starting carrying thank you cards with me
  12. Don’t kill my new plant
  13. Get a grown up backpack
  14. Go on a walk at least once a week
  15. Find a meditation routine that works for me
  16. Redecorate my apartment
  17. Send 1 pitch a month
  18. Learn more about poetry (class or book)
  19. Use my new Boston Museum of Fine Arts museum pass at least 3 times
  20. Write notes to writers if I liked reading their books or articles
  21. Really, memorize my husband’s phone number
  22. Put clothes out the night before to save time in the mornings
  23. Keep in touch, initiate some kind of friend thing once a month
  24. Get a fancy light alarm clock
  25. Go to Montreal
  26. See Waitress in New York
  27. Gracefully accept compliments
  28. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  29. Continue the hard work of figuring out who I am, what fuels me, what burns me out, and what ultimately brings happiness


Rachel Rueckert

Rachel Rueckert is a writer, photographer, teacher, and travel addict with a background in English and anthropology. Though she is based out of Boston, she is currently backpacking around the world doing an independent writing and research project on marriage around the globe with her new husband.

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