The Camino de Santiago: Day 10

We are 312,576 steps, 239 kilometers, and 148 miles into the Camino de Santiago. I have only walked for ten days (three more weeks to go) but have shared miles and meals with new friends from England, Scotland, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, the U.S., Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Among these friends I have met a private eye, architect, writer, teacher, police officer, lawyer, medical student, air traffic controller, construction worker, tango dancer, and all kinds of artists. I have wrapped blisters in duct tape, paid tribute to the longer version of stories, trekked through the snowy Pyrenees Mountains in Chaco sandals, and eaten more than my share of baguettes. Am I totally prepared for the emotional and physical challenges of the road? Absolutely not. Am I learning and listening and laughing and loving while walking? Every day.

Rachel Rueckert

Rachel Rueckert is a writer, photographer, teacher, and travel addict with a background in English and anthropology. Though she is based out of Boston, she is currently backpacking around the world doing an independent writing and research project on marriage around the globe with her new husband.

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2 Responses

  1. It’s on my ‘list of things to do at some vague point in the future’!

    I do have one question: you’re walking it in what is effectively late Spring. From what I can gather, most people who do it do so more in the heights of Summer. Did you notice fewer people than you’d expect to see? Were all the waypoint guesthouses open? If/when I get around to it, I’d probably look to do it in an April or May sort of time!

    • Rachel Rueckert says:

      I totally recommend doing it in spring or fall. April to May is when I went, and it was perfect. Everything was open and the weather was much better than the summer heat (although you have to prepare for rain). I would likely not try the French Way at the height of summer. Competing for bunks is not my idea of a good relaxing Camino, haha. Let me know if you have any other questions!